Friday 17 November 2023

Keynote - The future of education report

Together with strategic insights practice Canvas8 and global non-profit American Institutes for Research, Google for Education conducted interviews with 94 educational experts across 24 countries to compile the future of education report.

As educators work to equip students with the skills and mindsets they’ll need to navigate massive change, the experts we interviewed discussed how and why they’re rethinking the role of education.

Find out how recent technological advances are evolving how we think about teaching and learning from a one-to-many model to a more personal approach to learning and the tools that can support this.

Demo 1: Unlock the magic of learning with Quiver’s 3D Augmented Reality Workshop!

Want to wow your kids or become the coolest teacher in school? Join us for an extraordinary experience as we introduce you to our Quiver App and Education Dashboard. Quiver, launched in 2013, was the world's first Augmented Reality colouring app, downloaded by over 25 Million users in 150+ countries and delivers engaging and magical experiences for all. Quiver is a one-stop shop for Augmented Reality education content and lesson plans for Pre K to Year 9 and beyond.


  • Interactive Learning: Witness every colored page spring to life in its own unique way, instilling a profound sense of pride and ownership in young artists.
  • Immersive Education: The Quiver App opens doors to an immersive, educational, and inspiring world, making it an indispensable tool for both classrooms and homes.
  • Skill Development: Watch as children develop skills and retain knowledge in a manner that defies convention.

The demo will cover:-

  • Introduction to Augmented Reality and Quiver 3D Colouring App
  • Exploring Quiver AR Coloring Sheets
  • Mastering Quiver Education Dashboard
  • Unleashing the Potential of Quiver Digital Environments
  • Dive into the World of Quiver AR Masks

Exclusive Benefits for Registered Educators:-

  • Complimentary 12-Month License: Gain access to over 250 AR coloring sheets covering Science, Math, and Social Sciences.
  • Quiver Swag and Goodies: Exclusive merchandise, including Mugs, Pens, Stickers, and Tote Bags.

Demo 2: Google - Introduction to Digital technology curriculum and Google for Education tools

In this workshop steve will introduce some tools to use in the classroom to help with the Digital technology curriculum.

Tools to create digital outcomes and promote computational thinking.

Demo 3: ImmerseHer "Virtual Reality" Workshop Lead

Are you ready to step into the future of technology? Welcome to "ImmerseHer: Virtual Reality," where you'll embark on an exciting journey into the world of virtual reality (VR).

This workshop is led by Daniel and Lesieli Oliver, founders of Lālanga, current Technology teachers themselves, holding a passion for education and technology.

What to Expect:

Hands-On Experience: Dive into the world of virtual reality by exploring various VR applications.
Grow in your Capability: This workshop is your chance to expand your technological skills and understanding. Daniel and Lesieli will share their wealth of knowledge to empower you with the tools you need to thrive in the tech-driven future.
Discover Your Place in VR: Ever wondered where you fit in the future of virtual reality? This workshop provides insights into the vast possibilities and career paths within the VR industry. You'll gain a clearer understanding of how you can contribute to shaping the future.

Join Daniel and Lesieli Oliver at "ImmerseHer: Virtual Reality Workshop" and prepare to be amazed by the endless potential of VR technology. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply curious about the future, this workshop is your gateway to the exciting world of virtual reality.

Demo 4: Embrace chaos: Disrupting to Design

Join us in exploring the practical side of disrupted learning in our upcoming workshop. Using Spotswood College as an exemplary case, we'll explore the nuanced art of fostering student engagement and inquiry-based learning methodologies.

Dive into the insights behind the Superstar Game of Design Thinking, a tool that encourages creative exploration and critical thinking in students. Through practical examples, understand how this approach is reshaping education at Spotswood College and beyond.
Gain valuable insights into personalised learning approaches tailored to individual student needs, strengths, and passions. Discover how Spotswood College's innovative practices can be adapted to create a purpose-driven and student-centered learning environment in any educational setting.
This workshop is your gateway to understanding the evolving landscape of education and harnessing the potential of disrupted learning for meaningful student development."

Workshop 1: Empower your students to learn with AI

Generative AI Technical Workshop

● Hands-on labs with technical guidance using our Cloud Skills boost online environment

● Step-by-step guide on building Generative search and discovery tools

We will go through the basics of generative model design, classification, extraction, summarization and everyone's hot topic, prompt engineering!

Attendees will leave having built a fully functional conversational search agent.

Workshop 2: Generative Art - Bring Your Code to Life with JavaScript and p5.js

Teach the basics of programming while creating interactive procedural art. p5.js is a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for educators artists, designers, and programming beginners! p5.js is free, open-source and browser based - you can start using it in your classroom today.

Technology is a creative pursuit. How do we as educators provide our students with engaging content that motivates the learning of Computational Thinking? In this session Alex will focus on how to cover the basics of programming in JavaScript while giving students artistic and creative freedom to express their ideas. We will explore the long tradition of generative art and approaches to blend in Digital Technologies into other subject areas.

Workshop 3: When it’s a bug, not a feature...

We will explore strategies that students (and teachers) can use to successfully debug their code including how to use Chat GPT whilst ensuring authenticity.  Participants are encouraged to bring their devices and broken code that needs debugging.  The strategies shared are based on Python / php but will work with any language.

Workshop 4: Cyber Security Teaching and Learning Resources for the classroom

Cyber security is an important area for both kaiako and ākonga across Aotearoa. In this workshop, participants will hear about the impact of cyber security breaches and exciting career pathways in Cyber Security from industry experts. They will learn how to utilise the free Cyber Skills Aotearoa online and unplugged activities to teach cyber security concepts in their classrooms. 

The Cyber Skills Aotearoa content encourages learner agency as students engage with learning cyber security concepts through assuming the role of an ethical (white hat) hacker to sleuth the answers to problems. The programme is designed to enable ākonga to navigate the online world with confidence.

The workshop will cover teaching the following topics in the classroom:

  • Sharing information online
  • Good password practices
  • Phishing and scam awareness
  • Cryptography
  • Web application security
  • Industry case studies that are aligned with NCEA assessment requirements

All content is available in both English and te reo Māori and is aligned to the Hangarau wāhanga ako and Technology learning areas. Content addresses achievement objectives and progress outcomes in the Nature of Technology, Whakaaro Rorohiko, Computational Thinking, Tangata me te Rorohiko and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes strands.

check out schedule page for more info


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