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Human Resources Manager (Advisory) - Fiserv

Aishvarya Saraf

Aishvarya, a Human Resources Manager at Fiserv, has a people-centric approach and believes in the correlation between...

Product Manager - MYOB

Anshu Maharaj

Anshu is a highly experienced product manager with over 20 years of experience in managing products for Enterprise SaaS...

Senior Business Solutions Manager - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Donna Chamberlain

Donna Chamberlain, as Senior Business Solutions Manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and NZSUG Treasurer, expertly...

Senior Product Manager (Innovation) - Les Mills International

Effy Collis

Effy is a Senior Product Manager at Les Mills International - a role she likes to describe as ‘advanced cat herding’!...

Partner - Mosaic FSI

Emilie McCallum

Originating from Reunion Island, Emilie offers over 15 years of specialist banking expertise. Emilie has been a Partner in the...

Technical Trainer - Microsoft

Farhan Sattar

With over 25 years in the IT industry, Farhan is a seasoned Business Program Manager and Learning & Development...

Software Development Manager - Fiserv

Hasini Ratnasekera

As a Software Development Manager at Fiserv, Hasini brings a wealth of experience in mobile application development and...

CMO & Operating Partner (Strategy & Growth) - GD1

Heather Gadonniex

A growth-oriented operator, advisor, and independent board member, Heather is passionate about bringing...

Technology Strategist, YouTuber and Podcast Host - Microsoft

Hilary Walton

Hilary Walton, or Hils as she is called, is well known in the tech industry, with a diverse background in psychology...

Senior ICT Architect - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Jenny Zhao

Jenny Zhao is the Senior ICT Architect at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in Auckland, with a track record of over nine years at...

Application Specialist - Kiwibank

Juliette Levien

Juliette is passionate about helping people grow and develop and would love to share her knowledge and experience with...

Head of Data Science - Auckland Transport

Karla Taboada

Karla is a visionary leader in the realm of data science and technology innovation. She leads Data Science at AT, shaping...

Head of IT Investment Delivery - Fonterra

Katrina Webber

Katrina is a qualified accountant with 30 years’ experience in Information Technology IT Portfolio/Programme...

Chief Engineer - Babcock New Zealand Ltd

Kelly Smith

With over 25 years of marine engineering experience at sea and ashore, Kelly now serves as the Chief Engineer for Babcock...

Senior Software Developer - Fiserv

Kiranjeet Kaur

Kiran is a proactive .NET developer with 14 years experience in the analysis/development/testing...

Digital Product Director - Les Mills International

Liz Miller

Liz, a Digital Product Director, brings extensive experience to her role. With a background including Senior Product...

Data Product Lead - Fonterra

Loren George

Loren started in Fonterra 17 years ago in Accounts Payable and moved her way through her career to spend the last...

Founder/Director - She Sharp

Mahsa McCauley (Mohaghegh)

Dr Mahsa McCauley is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Women in Tech in AUT’s School of Computer, Engineering, and...

Technical Advisor - Freelance

Meeta Patel

Having worked as a research scientist for most of her career at Scion, and served as NanoLayr's Senior Scientist and...

Director - Tech with Heart

Melissa Crawford

Melissa Crawford is a leading Expert in the Future of work. With a rare skillset crossing both people and technology...

Partnership Manager - She Sharp

Monika Tylova

Monika's professional journey spans two continents: Europe and New Zealand. From piloting professional drones, she is now...

Quality Assurance Team Lead - Fiserv

Naheed Shaikh

As a Quality Assurance Team Lead at Fiserv, Naheed has honed her skills in documentation and data analysis...

Country Head - TCS New Zealand

Priti Ambani

An environmental engineer by education, a strategic business technologist and evangelist for women in...

Senior Product Manager – Kiwibank

Rachael Warrener

Rachael’s career has spanned various roles across the globe, starting in customer and tech support, business analysis...

CEO - MACSO Technologies and Comfort.AI

Saba Samiei

Saba Samiei is the CEO of MACSO Technologies and Comfort.AI, companies at the forefront of AI innovation and ethics...

Senior Business Analyst - Fonterra

Sam Cranston

Sam is a firm believer in the transformative power of technology, especially when harnessed to deliver process...

Project Manager - Callaghan Innovation

Shae Parsons

Passionate about digital equity, Shae's professional career spans continents as well as industries. Currently working at...

Chief of Staff to the CIO - Fonterra

Steffie López

Steffie is the Chief of Staff for IT at Fonterra. We serve our 10,500 farmer owners with digital solutions...

Strategy & Planning Manager - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Sune Rogers

As a Strategy and Planning Manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Sune excels in mentoring, combining her analytical skills...

IT Executive | Consultant - Freelance

Suzanne Holland

With 27 years industry experience in companies in Australia and New Zealand, Suzanne has acquired a wealth of...

Customer Success Account Manager - Microsoft

Tash Bettridge

Tash Bettridge (Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, Ngāpuhi, Pakeha) is the co-founder of the 'New Zealand Network for Women in...

Digital Test and Release Manager - Fonterra

Tracey Connor

Tracey has 15+ years’ experience as an IT people, thought and technical leader across Test, Release, Development, Build and...

Chapter Lead Strategic Insights & Data Partnerships - Woolworth's Group

Vania Martins-Fouche

With industry expertise such as project management, data analytics insights, mentoring, coaching, exceptional...

Business Analyst - MYOB

Yvonne Weidemann

Yvonne is a versatile Business Analyst specialising in Requirements Gathering, Process Improvement, and...

Senior Application Specialist (Technical BA) - Kiwibank

Zemira Hayvice

Meet Zemira, she’s a Senior Technical Business Analyst at Kiwibank with a decade of finance industry experience...

What it means to be A MENTOR

As a mentor, you are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities to ensure successful mentoring:

  • Stay dedicated to mentoring and initiate contact with your mentee regularly.
  • Help mentee in figuring out and setting their goals.
  • Listen to what your mentee needs, rather than just pushing your own thoughts.
  • Don't hesitate to give constructive feedback.
  • Encourage mentee to nurture their independent thinking skills.
  • Follow through on the plans and actions you've mutually agreed upon with your mentee.
  • Foster growth and celebrate achievements.


Personal Fulfillment

Find satisfaction in witnessing the growth and success of your mentee. Knowing you've played a part in their journey is genuinely rewarding.

Leave a positive mark

Leave behind a positive impact that lasts long after your interactions. It's about making a difference, one mentee at a time!

Grow as you guide

Develop strong leadership and communication abilities as you support your mentee. It's a win-win: they flourish, and you thrive right alongside them.


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