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Friday, July 26th - Sunday, July 28th, 2024

July 26, 2024


Fisher and Paykel Healthcare will be hosting an AI Hackathon on July 26th – 28th kicking off with a keynote from Nicholas Fourie, VP of ICT.Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation? In a world where innovation is the lifeblood of progress, we often find ourselves bogged down by repetitive tasks, mundane processes, and administrative burdens. Let’s Break Free from Drudgery!Join us at the AI Hackathon and be part of the movement to liberate innovation from the shackles of monotony. Together, we’ll build a smarter, more efficient future.At this exciting event, you’ll acquire fresh skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and engage with sponsors and mentors. After intense collaboration, your team will showcase your project to a panel of judges who will determine the winner. Hackathons provide an inclusive environment where diverse skill sets converge to tackle real-world challenges.


• Registration starts at 17:30
• Event kick-off at 17:55
• Event ends at 20:00

On Friday night, we kick off our Hackathon, where participants will be inspired by two keynote speakers and will be guided through all aspects of the Hackathon. The main goal is to choose a use case or pitch your own idea, form a team, and start discussing possible solutions to the problems the teams aim to solve. All participants will be able to ask any questions about the upcoming days.

• Venue opens at 07:30
• Day kick-off at 08:05
• Venue closes at 20:00

This day is all about hacking. In the morning, participants will meet a mentor designated to their teams who will help them focus on refining brainstorming and considering validation. This is also the time when creative and technical team members can begin drafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Just before lunch, all participants will be able to attend the optional session “Supercharge Your Solutions with Generative AI” by Geri Harris. Before dinner, there will be a Q&A session about AI solutions with Amir Mohammadi. After dinner, the first Pitch Practice session is hosted. This is when teams present to their mentors for the first time, explaining their business ideas and answering tough questions.

• Venue opens at 07:30
• Day kick-off at 08:05
• Venue closes at 18:00

This day is the final day of the Hackathon. At the beginning of the day, all teams will be working on their pitches and presentations. The deadline for all projects to be submitted is 13:00. The pitching session starts around 14:00 and will last until 16:00. The Hackathon will conclude with the awards announcements.

Landing page of F&P Hackathon


Problem: Manual analysis of customer feedback is laborious and prone to bias.

Solution: An AI system that can generate automated summaries of customer feedback, highlighting key themes, actionable suggestions, and relevant statistics

Problem: Creating and maintaining training materials for new technology platforms is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can reformat, recompile, and update various media types, reducing timeframes and increasing efficiency.

Problem: Manual checking and marking of VOU documents is prone to error and time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically mark VOUs against an answer sheet and populate relevant metadata into a spreadsheet.

Problem: Manual extraction of information for weekly SAP update emails is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can draft automated emails using predefined templates and populate relevant metadata from an excel export.

Problem: Finding consistent answers to marketing-related questions is challenging.

Solution: A centralized location where all relevant marketing knowledge material is stored and can be interacted with via a human language interface

Problem: Creating thumbnails for PDFs in the central storage location is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automate the thumbnail creation process.

Problem: Writing test protocols and testing summaries is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically formulate test protocols and summaries from provided requirements and test evidence.

Problem: Updating and standardizing procedures is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can extract key points from existing procedures and reproduce a draft procedure in a new template

Judging Information

  • Held on 28th July 2024
  • The international judges join together via Zoom
  • 5-minute pitch from each team
  • Judging panel of 6 judges (see below), led by Dr Mahsa McCauley - Founder director of She Sharp
  • 4 Winners for this event: Best Pitch, Best Technical Solution, People's Choice Award, and Winner of this year's AI Hackathon
  1. The theme of the "F&P AI Hackathon with She Sharp" is about breaking free from drudgery and using innovation and technology to address repetitive tasks, mundane processes, and administrative burdens.
  2. Participants are expected to align their proposed solutions to address one or more of the 8 use cases provided in the brief.
  3. The solutions must involve a technology innovation, which can include the innovative use of existing technology.
  4. The technology used must incorporate elements of AI, and the team must explain what these are and how they are utilized.
  5. If the team has completed any work prior to the event, they must disclose what work was done and their starting point.

Problem and Solution:

  • The team must demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem they are solving.
  • The team must explain how their solution effectively solves the identified problem.
  • The pitch should be clear and concise in its presentation.

Feasibility and Impact:

  • The solution must be technically feasible and able to be implemented.
  • The solution must have the potential to solve the problem effectively and create a meaningful impact.
  • Each judge will individually evaluate the teams based on the criteria above.
  • The judging panel will then discuss and come to a consensus on the winners in each category: Best Pitch, Best Technical Solution, People's Choice Award, and the overall Winner of the AI Hackathon.





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Readiness Workshops


Build your own AI Powered Web App

Microsoft is offering two 2-hour workshops to help students prepare for the AI Hackathon. These sessions will teach students how to build AI models and integrate them into applications.


These virtual workshops will be held on Tuesday July 16th for part 1, and Wednesday July 17th for part 2, both at 12-2pm NZT.



Iterative process and strategies for prompt development

Promptech is offering a one-hour workshop to help students understand the architecture of large language models, providing an introduction to prompt engineering. This session will help students crafting prompts for models including ChatGPT and Gemini, teaching effective customization techniques, creating custom copilots, ethical considerations, and hands-on tutorials to leverage the full potential of large language models.


This virtual session will be held on Monday July 22nd, at 6-7 pm NZT.



Supercharge Your Solutions with Generative AI

Join us for an interactive session where we’ll explore cutting-edge generative AI tools that can accelerate your projects. From idea generation to data analysis, discover how AI can enhance your hackathon experience and drive impactful solutions.


This session will be held on Saturday July 27th at 12:00 NZT.


PriZes to be won

Engraved trophy for winning teams sponsored by She Sharp

Two (2) AI Summit tickets each valued over $1,595, sponsored by AI Forum

Four (4) $250 Prezzy cards from Fisher & Paykel

Four (4) $250 Prezzy cards from Deloitte

Eight (8) $150 Prezzy cards from Fisher & Paykel

Five (5) $100 Prezzy cards from AUT

Five (5) $100 Prezzy cards from Datacom

One (1) confirmed internship place sponsored by Deloitte

Free tickets to all the remaining four (4) She Sharp events for the rest of the year valued over $500

Credit in AI services + three (3) months free mentorship; first team receives $500 and second team receives $200 from Promptech

More to be added

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! 🌟 The hackathon welcomes participants of all skill levels, including beginners. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience.

No worries! You can register as an individual, and we'll help you form a team with other participants. 🤝

It's normal to feel nervous, but hackathons are designed to be collaborative and supportive. Take advantage of the mentors, ask questions, and remember that the goal is to learn and have fun. 😊

Be open to learning, collaborate with your team, network with other participants and mentors, and most importantly, enjoy the process. 🚀

Participants will engage in AI projects, connect with fellow enthusiasts and mentors, and present their projects to judges. There will be keynote speakers, including Nicholas Fourie, VP of ICT at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

Yes! Student participants have access to a variety of learning resources, including free Azure for Students credits valued at USD 100. Furthermore, everyone can attend three readiness workshops scheduled for July 16th-17th and July 22nd, along with an additional workshop during the hackathon on Saturday, July 27th.

Judges include Nicholas Fourie (VP of ICT at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare) and Mahsa Mohaghegh (Founder and Chair of She Sharp). Mentors include Amir Mohammadi (Founder & Director of Promptech) and Geri Harris (Senior Lecturer at AUT Business School).

Projects include AI for customer feedback analysis, learning material creation, automation of weekly SAP update emails, and more.

Bring your 💻 laptop, charger, and any other tools you might need for development. We'll provide the rest, including meals and workspaces.

Yes, there will be mentors and experts available throughout the hackathon to provide guidance and support.

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

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