From Burnout to Balance

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Our “From Burnout to Balance” breakfast event is going to be an enlightening morning where we delve into two vital aspects of well-being. As women, we wear many hats - we are professionals, mothers, partners, and more. It is this dance of roles that showcases our adaptability, but also puts us at a greater risk of burnout. In addition, the boundaries between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred.

Our incredible speakers will guide you on a journey towards achieving equilibrium in the fast-paced world of technology, looking at actionable strategies to harmonise professional ambitions with self-care.

Brigette McGregor-Macdonald will speak to discovering the power of mindfulness and provide key techniques that empower you to stay centred, enhance focus, and build resilience against burnout.
Maya Lee will dive into the critical connection between nutrition, health and stress management, providing insights into putting your health first for peak performance, optimising energy levels and warding off burnout. It is time to invest in your well-being, embrace balance, and unlock your full potential in both your professional and personal life.

Join us as we change the narrative from ‘Burnout’ to ‘Balance’.

Hand pulling burnt toast out of a toast

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Problem: Manual analysis of customer feedback is laborious and prone to bias.

Solution: An AI system that can generate automated summaries of customer feedback, highlighting key themes, actionable suggestions, and relevant statistics.

Problem: Creating and maintaining training materials for new technology platforms is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can reformat, recompile, and update various media types, reducing timeframes and increasing efficiency

Problem: Manual checking and marking of VOU documents is prone to error and time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically mark VOUs against an answer sheet and populate relevant metadata into a spreadsheet.

Problem: Manual extraction of information for weekly SAP update emails is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can draft automated emails using predefined templates and populate relevant metadata from an excel export.

Problem: Finding consistent answers to marketing-related questions is challenging.

Solution: A centralized location where all relevant marketing knowledge material is stored and can be interacted with via a human language interface.

Problem: Creating thumbnails for PDFs in the central storage location is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automate the thumbnail creation process.

Problem: Writing test protocols and testing summaries is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically formulate test protocols and summaries from provided requirements and test evidence

Problem: Updating and standardizing procedures is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can extract key points from existing procedures and reproduce a draft procedure in a new template

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