Robotic Process Automation Workshop

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Thursday, March 5, 2020


50 attendees

We invite you to take part in our automation challenge, which will have you working in teams to develop an automated solution for a basic use case. There will be experienced developers on hand to help you through your solution, but with limited time this will definitely be a challenge. We have prepared some pre-work to help you prepare for the day, however the software we will be using (UiPath) is designed to be low-code with plenty of drag-and-drop options so we believe you’ll be able to develop part of your solution intuition alone. The challenge will be run in a hackathon-style and there will be prizes for the winning team.

panel speakers

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Problem: Manual analysis of customer feedback is laborious and prone to bias.

Solution: An AI system that can generate automated summaries of customer feedback, highlighting key themes, actionable suggestions, and relevant statistics.

Problem: Creating and maintaining training materials for new technology platforms is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can reformat, recompile, and update various media types, reducing timeframes and increasing efficiency

Problem: Manual checking and marking of VOU documents is prone to error and time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically mark VOUs against an answer sheet and populate relevant metadata into a spreadsheet.

Problem: Manual extraction of information for weekly SAP update emails is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can draft automated emails using predefined templates and populate relevant metadata from an excel export.

Problem: Finding consistent answers to marketing-related questions is challenging.

Solution: A centralized location where all relevant marketing knowledge material is stored and can be interacted with via a human language interface.

Problem: Creating thumbnails for PDFs in the central storage location is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automate the thumbnail creation process.

Problem: Writing test protocols and testing summaries is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically formulate test protocols and summaries from provided requirements and test evidence

Problem: Updating and standardizing procedures is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can extract key points from existing procedures and reproduce a draft procedure in a new template

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