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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Imposter Syndrome is a long talked about topic that many people in the tech industry suffer from (not just women, either!). It’s that feeling of not being good enough or that you don’t deserve to be where you are today. We often think we’re alone in this mindset; but most people feel this way at some point in their career!

We had a presentation from Michelle about what imposter syndrome is and how to overcome this barrier that is stopping you from being awesome! Her life motto is to stop complaining and start changing and say yes to anything that doesn’t kill you. Her presentation was inspiring and led onto group discussions about a range of topics related to imposter syndrome. We had talks about our overuse of the words “sorry ” and “just” as well as what we thought our best traits were and whether perfect life-balance was achievable. The event was a definite success, made possible thanks to the awesome location at GridAKL and our amazing Guest Speaker Michelle Dickinson. It was empowering and encouraged everyone to start saying yes to things! Michelle also shared what success and leadership meant to her and urged others to do the same. Video of the event coming soon!

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Problem: Manual analysis of customer feedback is laborious and prone to bias.

Solution: An AI system that can generate automated summaries of customer feedback, highlighting key themes, actionable suggestions, and relevant statistics.

Problem: Creating and maintaining training materials for new technology platforms is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can reformat, recompile, and update various media types, reducing timeframes and increasing efficiency

Problem: Manual checking and marking of VOU documents is prone to error and time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically mark VOUs against an answer sheet and populate relevant metadata into a spreadsheet.

Problem: Manual extraction of information for weekly SAP update emails is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can draft automated emails using predefined templates and populate relevant metadata from an excel export.

Problem: Finding consistent answers to marketing-related questions is challenging.

Solution: A centralized location where all relevant marketing knowledge material is stored and can be interacted with via a human language interface.

Problem: Creating thumbnails for PDFs in the central storage location is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automate the thumbnail creation process.

Problem: Writing test protocols and testing summaries is labor-intensive.

Solution: An AI system that can automatically formulate test protocols and summaries from provided requirements and test evidence

Problem: Updating and standardizing procedures is time-consuming.

Solution: An AI system that can extract key points from existing procedures and reproduce a draft procedure in a new template

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